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360 Monitoring website


Art Direction / UI-UX / Development



360 Monitoring was created with the aim of Introducing the power of Uptime Monitoring. With a focus on making our business build and grow with confidence, 360 Monitoring is supported by world-class internal and external system monitoring. Including personalized website uptime alerting, one-minute checks, and server metrics. 

360 Monitoring website


Concept & Wireframing

Given the brief, I went through the customer journey for this project and identified how the user needs could be reflected in the website. I outlined the main screens users will interact with, focussed on the User Experience and defined the design system. 


UI Layout

The website was thought to outline the primary distinguishing and valuable attributes of the product in a manner that facilitates swift comprehension.

This can be achieved through engaging subheadings, concise paragraphs, and the incorporation of bullet points when applicable.
Upon familiarizing ourselves with the product’s functionalities, the website was designed to generate leads by signing up for trials

360 Monitoring website



Responsive mobile layouts.

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