Hong Kong Title

The Powerful Soul of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a mix of cultures, people, shops, and traditions. A place in which East and West are giving life to a fascinating mix. Just by looking around you, it is possible to see ancient traditions blend in with modernity.
Hong Kong is a city with a powerful and vibrant soul that is definitely worth visiting. And it is exactly this energetic and dynamic identity that I have tried to transmit in my video, “The Powerful Soul of Hong Kong”.

Soundtrack “A Thousand Years David A. Molina” licensing by MusicBed

2019 – Africa International Tourism Film Festival – Second Place
2018 – Amorgos Tourism Film Festival – Winner
2018 – Tourfilm Festival CzechTourism – Short List
2018 – Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival – Short List
2018 – Festival Terres – International Eco & Travel Film Festival -Official Selection
2018 – Travel Film по-русски – Official Selection
2018 – Tourfilm Riga – Official Selection

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